Grapevine anklet


Stainless steel chain mail (maille), accented with purple ceramic beads and handmade lamp work glass bangles.

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Maille, or ‘Mail’, has applications in sculpture and jewelery. Mail artwork includes headdresses, Christmas ornaments, chess sets, and jewelry. For these non-traditional applications, hundreds of weaves or patterns have been invented. There are examples of maille dating from at least the 4th century BC. Mail may have been inspired by the much earlier scale armour. Maille spread to North Africa, West Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India, Tibet, South East Asia, and Japan. Mail remained in use as a decorative and possibly high-status symbol with military overtones long after its practical usefulness had passed. It was frequently used for the epaulettes of military uniforms. It is still used in this form by the British Territorial Army.


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