Leather braided bracelet


Greek leather braided and accented with hand coiled copper that sets off African turquoise. Simplicity at it’s finest….and perfect for men OR women who like a little boho on their arm.

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For thousands of years, we have worn turquoise jewelry. Turquoise has intrigued us and its unique color has captivated us. Its significance has been written in history, told in stories, found in burial sites, used in religious ceremonies and held sacred by medicine men and cultures around the world. Turquoise jewelry has been fashion statement through time. Archaeological excavations revealed that the rulers of ancient Egypt adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry, and Chinese artisans were carving it more than 3,000 years ago. Turquoise is the national gem of Tibet, and has long been considered a stone that guarantees health, good fortune, and protection from evil.


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