Vaseline glass earrings


Vintage Vaseline glass (circa 1920) wrapped in copper attached to vintage pennies! Uranium elements in glass enable it to glow when placed under blacklight.

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Vaseline glass was popular from the 1890s up until the Depression… it was in its heyday though in at the turn of the 19th century. It was used for dishes and jewelry. It’s unique quality being that it contained a small amount of uranium which was added to achieve the unique green color. The glass would have a fluorescent quality if placed under a blacklight.. This is still a way that collectors will verify the authenticity. Another name is fluorescent glass. It was dubbed Vaseline glass early on because apparently, the early batches of vaseli e had a similar color. These earrings are made with vintage “vaseline” glass, circa 1920’s. Looking for a conversation starter?? Wear these and watch the room LIGHT UP 😉 !


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